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IMPROVES SOIL FERTILITY: Provides excellent habitat for beneficial soil microbes; Promotes robust and bountiful growth; Improves soil acidity; Increases plants’ water and nutrient holding capacity STRENGTHENS PLANT HEALTH: Increases Brix levels; Boosts flavor development and nutrition; Prolongs plants' health and life; Helps increase resin production; Protects the plant from harmful pathogens and insects BOOSTS ROOTING: Fast-absorbing blend enhances root growth, increasing nutrient uptake instantly and improving fruits, vegetables, and plant growth overall; Provides nutrition without energy expenditure; Ideal for early stages FORTIFIES BLOOM: increases terpene profile, which helps attract pollinators, repel predators, acts as a secondary immune system, and boosts damage recovery in plants; Also, it increases aroma while adding natural weight and density; Ideal for bloom stages ALL-NATURAL KIT: All blends are 100% organically sourced and specially designed for each stage of the life cycle; Auto Box contains 2 lb Nature’s Brix, 2 lb Green Aminos, 2 lb Flower Finisher, 2 lb Pride Lands, and a free sample of Premium Ultrafine Myco

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